IOS scroller

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Sun Jan 19 15:23:53 EST 2020

I'm using a native scroller for both Android and iOS. I track the mouseDown 
position and the mouseUp position to see if the swipe is vertical or 
horizontal. Vertical causes a scroll, horizontal is a swipe. This works on 

On iOS the mouseDown isn't registered fast enough and swiping doesn't work 
unless you hold down for a second before continuing the swipe. I think this 
must be related to the iOS-only properties delayTouches and/or 
canCancelTouches but I've tried combinations of both without success.

To complicate matters I also need to track long presses but I don't think 
that's related, and it's working.

Does anyone have an example of an iOS scroller handler that both scrolls 
and swipes smoothly?

Jacqueline Landman Gay | jacque at
HyperActive Software |

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