Diagnosing a crasher (was Re: Quality, reputation, and improving both)

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Fri Feb 21 16:53:05 EST 2020

dunbarx wrote:
 > All.
 > It did just occur to me that ALL my crashes occur when the SE is open.
 > Never just playing with the stack. I am trying to remember now whether
 > I am modifying code or not when the crash occurs. The problem,
 > (actually the beauty, of course) of LiveCode is that one can jump in
 > a and out of the SE rapidly as one develops.
 >  I will have to pay more attention.
 > Aha.
 > Craig


May or may not be related, but the issue Mark Wieder described last 
night is also specific to the script editor.  Rather than a crasher, his 
issue was mysterious in a different way,:scripts being saved into 
objects other than the ones they came from.  That's something I've never 
seen in any script editor in our community before, and having written a 
couple I can't even imagine how that happens.

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