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Curry Kenworthy curry at pair.com
Tue Feb 18 18:39:22 EST 2020


 > WTF has lost most of its bite due to simple continued usage

Then, to indulge your premise, which I agree is the trend in a great 
many social and media circles (but not all) consider this:

So WTF is the continued point of using WTF? If it no longer has enough 
shock value to raise any eyebrows, then it can hardly be the most 
appropriate choice of expression for any real-life surprise, concern, or 
scorn. Might as well say, oh golly gee. Oh me oh my.

As I mentioned before, logically "why not use something a little more 
risque and exciting than a plain-old unprovocative WTF? :) "

(But if it makes anyone uncomfortable that I'm using WTF repeatedly 
while discussing its previous use here, I apologize. But the point is - 
that also would tend to call the premise into question.)

Social trends and norms are usually not logical, but as coders we should be.

 > I am really only concerned that LC not get a reputation for
 > being unstable. That would turn off new users long before they
 > ever actually experienced such a thing.

In contrast to scoundrels such as myself who have long worked to protect 
LC from a reputation for being unstable, by the alternative and 
nefarious means of working hard to encourage its stability. :D

It's much more likely for someone to get a bad impression from unlucky 
hands-on experience with the thing itself, than to stumble across these 
discussions while surfing. And if so, they'd be as likely to see me 
praising LC as, in this case, using the "bad language" of (not WTF, but) 
explaining how I've come to accept the sandy foundation and use new 
tactics to gain the upper hand again.

BTW, stability was actually not the main category of bugs I was talking 
about. Perhaps I could have said the Age of LC Bugs or Engine Bugs. I 
actually thought IDE Bugs sounded less negative. Ah well. Sorry for the 
bad language, WT(xxx) was I thinking! :)

Anyway, that's all the talk I can afford (otherwise at the expense of 
work) so back to lurking and working. I enjoyed taking this "interval" 
here to discuss and will do so again when time/energy permits. Hope to 
read more of Dar Scott (a very logical man) and Richmond (always 
provocative, never boring) too. Curry interval over, back to the usual 
programming here. Take care, all!

Best wishes,

Curry Kenworthy

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