LC 9.6.0 DP2

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Tue Feb 18 11:08:53 EST 2020

Richmond wrote:
> "The OP asked about using the latest version of LiveCode on an OS that 
> was EOL'd many years ago."
> And I replied by suggesting a version of LiveCode that would produce 
> standalones that would work on that OS.

Do you have any idea how long Charles has been a member of this community?

That older software works with older software is self-evident, and 
Charles can be safely assumed to have had firsthand experience with 
older versions since he's been here the whole time.

That may be why he asked about compatibility with the most recent build, 
where I offered a reminder that compatible OS versions are in the 
Release Notes.

While it's self-evident that older software runs with older software, 
the implications of using older software are apparently less well known. 
A sentence at the end about staying current with patches to known 
vulnerabilities did not seem out of place.

Please understand that your personal belief that unpatched OSes are 
somehow fine for developers has been well established on this list. 
Thankfully for end-users, most of the industry holds a different view. 
Newspapers are filled with stories of the exceptions: Unpatched systems 
are the leading cause of exploits.

While all of us here make software, not all of us study security.  We 
are all constructively minded, and generally don't have a habit of 
looking at things from the perspective of the bad guys. I value the 
insights in the newsletters, blogs, and books I read on security, 
helping me better understand the implications of my choices as a 
developer of systems for others to use.  Distilling a slice of that to a 
gentle reminder about staying current with patches to known 
vulnerabilities seems useful.

  Richard Gaskin
  Fourth World Systems

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