revprintfield and RIGHT tabalign?

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This is done with "revPrintField", where it is only in the print dialog that I can divert the process to make a PDF.
What is the story with "open printing to "PDF"...?

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Hi Richard,

added a test stack to the report and some more infos.

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> Klaus wrote:
> > Hm, I applied the fix here, but now the last column is completely GONE
> > (not visible in the printout)!?
> Hmmm...It worked when I tested here, but I can imagine a scenario where the tabstops may result in a boundary outside the bounds of the field, such as if your field is wider than the field used in the printed page.
> For that you may need to add one last tabstop to make sure right-aligned text isn't rendered outside the object's rect.

OK, will try that!

> > And if the TABALIGN was not repected, why did the columns (NOT the
> > TOTAL Line) appear correctly aligned?
> tabAlign is like textAlign but for a given column (tabstop), not to be confused with tabStops, which govern the boundaries of columns.

Go figure! :-D

> Left alignment is the default so those columns render well without modification.

Yes, but as you can see in my picture, you DID take a look, didn't you 8-),
the third columns ARE in fact right aligned but only the TOTAL... lines are not!

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> Richard Gaskin



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