revprintfield and RIGHT tabalign?

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Thu Feb 13 15:43:00 EST 2020

I made a test stack and printed to pdf. Mine had a long string at the right side of one line.
Everything came out fine. Mac 10.13.4, LC 9.5.1
Why are you not in the forum, where it is so easy to post screen shots?

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Subject: revprintfield and RIGHT tabalign?

Hi friends,

I am trying to print a field, but when it comes to a right aligned TAB
things go awray in the resulting PDF/printout.

LC 9.5.1, macOS 10.14.6

Please take a look here:
LC field on the right, PDF on the left.
At the bottom the TAB align and TAB stops of the field to be printed

Please note the unwanted wrapping of the first two "TOTAL für..." lines!?
But it only wraps if the text exceeds a certain length? 
No wrapping if I only supply the actual SUM in the TOTAL line. 
What am I missing?

Thanks for any hints!


Klaus Major
klaus at

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