Nested numeric lists that include number of parent list item

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Wed Feb 12 00:02:36 EST 2020

Yeah, this isn't helpful either, but while we're on the shortcomings of ordered lists in Livecode if you render an alphabetically ordered list using htmlText then it is rendered as lowercase irrespective of whether you specify type='A' or type='a'. The only way to guarantee that it is right is to explicitly set the listStyle to 'upper latin' (or whatever).


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    > I am not aware that listStyle decimal can show other then 1. No further
    > sub numbering.
    > However one could hack it. Although I know you are not particularly fond
    > of those hacks...
    > The code assumes that the listStyle of a field is set (any) will be "skip"
    > afterwards and list depth is also set.
    Thanks for the suggestion Bernd. I appreciate you taking the time. You are
    right though, I'm not particularly fond of hacks in the field control when
    the field is being used as a text editor (which is my use case).
    Here is the reason why. When writing a text editor it doesn't take long for
    the hacks to get out of hand and you end up with a control that becomes
    hard to add features to and hard to perform maintenance on. In addition,
    the field stops behaving or looking the way a user expects a text editor to
    work. For example, if I were to add the hack for displaying nested numeric
    lists I would need to add a hack for keeping track of other list styles the
    user might select elsewhere in the field. I would also have to deal with
    incorrect indentation for multi-line list items because the text would
    appear flush with the list numbers. Then I would need to add a hack to
    handle deletion of characters properly since the numbers are part of the
    actual text rather than an ornament that is added by the engine. There is
    this ripple effect which always makes me wish I hadn't implemented the hack
    Trevor DeVore
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