How to set up a library?

Bob Sneidar bobsneidar at
Thu Dec 31 12:16:47 EST 2020

BTW you may want to consider inserting anything with a mouseUp handler in the front, if you want every mouseUp to be trapped. If you only want the library’s mouseUp to be triggered “on demand” then insert into back and then pass mouseUp to trigger your library handler (assuming mouseUp is not trapped anywhere else in the message path.)

For example, I have a mouseDown handler in a front script, where I then get the target and determine what kind of object it is, handling the objects I want (usually for contextual menus) and then passing at the end.

Bob S

On Dec 31, 2020, at 3:55 AM, Ben Rubinstein via use-livecode <use-livecode at<mailto:use-livecode at>> wrote:

Currently I've got buttons with a script, and a 'mouseup' handler to 'insert the script of me into back' in my object library. But I don't think that's very modern.

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