Threads in LC

JeeJeeStudio jeejeestudio at
Thu Dec 31 07:20:57 EST 2020


is it possible to assign threads in LC and why not?

In python you can assign threads, not that i needed that with python, 
but it is possible.

I'm playing with a stepper motor (for a while now) on a raspberry and 
with python it runs so smooth, with lc it's a different story.

It runs, but when moving the mouse, the motor is responding to that. 
This should not happen, but probably because LC is a bit more heavy in 
use and use only one thread for graphics and other things.

If more threads could be use then most probably it would run smooth too.

Now working with simplGui to have a GUI, which is quite easy, and now 
trying to solve that gui actions also do what needs to be done. More 
work, less easy than lc, but slowly we are getting there.

I'm not a fan of python.

Long story short, are multiple threads possible in LC and/or when will 
that be implemented?

Thanks and Happy 2021!


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