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> Hi I'm stuck trying to find examples of passing lcs strings to a C function
> via pointer and it's driving me mad! I can retrieve char * pointers from C
> functions, convert to string and pass back to lcs but haven't come across
> any easy to grok examples of sending data to C. Any guidance would be
> appreciated

I've used MCStringConvertToBytes to convert strings to a value you can pass
in as const char*. I have a hunspell example you can reference.

Here is a link to the Hunspell_spell definition:

LIBHUNSPELL_DLL_EXPORTED int Hunspell_spell(Hunhandle* pHunspell, const

Here is a link to the LCB code that passes a UTF8 string to Hunspell_spell:

Here is a link to the MCStringConvertToBytes definition in the LCB file:

Trevor DeVore

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