Ali or Monte - MimeEncodeAsMIMEMultipartDocument

Sean Cole (Pi) sean at
Mon Dec 28 11:18:03 EST 2020

Hi all,

The dictionary, as usual, is a bit lacking in regards to the Mime Library.
For MimeEncodeAsMIMEMultipartDocument we have parameters but no idea what
the values (enum) for them could or should be.

pContentA: How do we pre-encode parts including headers?

pMultipartType: What MultiPart types are there?

pParamA: What kind of parameters does ParamA take?

There is a lesson that has a single use-case instance but it does not cover
all attachment or part types so we are still left guessing. Perhaps this is
where either Monte or Ali who coded this could help us out. (

I'm trying to attach a pdf to an email and have bcc addresses too.


Sean Cole
*Pi Digital *

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