Advice setting up a new project

Erik Beugelaar e.beugelaar at
Mon Dec 28 05:46:50 EST 2020

Hello All,


First of all I hope you all had a nice Xmas despite of all the Covid


I have written in Python some crawlers in Scrapy. They are now executed via
the command terminal and are working fine however they are written with
fixed parameters and I want to make it more flexible.


So, I am planning to make a GUI written in LiveCode (if possible) that is
able to act as a layer over a HTML page in Chrome so the user can click on
an element in the webpage so I can read the underlying data.

It's a bit how ColorZilla is picking up a color from an HTML page.


I think I will use Trevor's platform for the creation of the application but
my main question is: are there examples or design patterns to implement the
point and click mechanism?


I know that Hermann who sadly passed away from us did a lot of amazing work
with LiveCode HTML5 but I want to develop it with my current Indy
subscription. I am aware or the Url() command.


Any clues will be appreciated.


Thanks in advance,


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