Birthday Shoutout...

Curry Kenworthy curry at
Thu Dec 24 12:48:13 EST 2020

... to my friend and colleague Josh. Amazing coder (godlike skills), 
generous with his knowledge, and highly available. Thanks Josh. Enjoy 
your day, you earned it! ;)


LiveCoders: holiday greetings. May you give and receive the best gifts 
this year. (Not the virulent dirty gift that keeps on giving - i.e. bad 
sample code.) Always KISS, and practice safe syntax every single time.

LC Ltd: nice bug fixes recently! Much appreciated. Cheers, and many 
returns por favor.

Clients: thanks for another wonderful year of fantastic projects. (And 
for understanding my shortness of breath thus avoidance of phone/audio 
conversations after COVID.) Loved the emails, chats, and coding.

Asthmatics: I've found that a low-pressure 0.4 psi air pump beats an 
albuterol inhaler in my own case for urgent breathing difficulty, so now 
I always keep one within reach plus a battery backup.

Video chatters: "Fans" (admirers) of my many fans (air-blowing devices 
and HEPA units) will be pleased to know that I've added two more to the 
collection, a small but powerful in-my-face desktop fan and a roughly 
equivalent wheelchair fan. Yes, my hair really is blowing. Hopefully I 
can demo those soon in '21.

Addon users: I hoped to announce a big year-end addon update and promo, 
but was sick a little too often; still catching up. Work continues. I'll 
try to aim for an Easter/Spring event.

Critics: National Socialism went out of style a while back, but ah well. 
The good guys win in the end!

Code and LC enthusiasts: I'm gradually building up new equipment and 
next-gen code to overcome my own health limitations (a necessity) and in 
the process, hopefully revolutionize several coding areas. I'll share 
this toolset when it's sufficiently mature. Including what I hinted 
about (but did not spell out completely, to avoid copycats) in a recent 
conference presentation.

Cancel culturists: My sincere wishes for an uplifting and very 
traditional Christ-mas and other holy-days. :D

Back to work/lurk....

Best wishes,

Curry Kenworthy

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