rotatedText widget and others

Terence Heaford theaford at
Wed Dec 23 15:30:47 EST 2020

Has anyone tried using this widget?

The “get the formatted height of widget” function does not appear to return the correct result.

Whats the point of Livecode providing a widget that does not function correctly.

It may rotate text but try aligning a number of these widgets without the dimensions being correct.

A complete waste of my time.

If anyone can provide details that I am missing to get this “so called” widget to function correctly I’ll gladly get down on my knees and apologise for this rant.


I’ve looked at the line chart widget, not enough functionality for a true line chart, rather simplistic.

Pie chart, as line chart.

End of second rant.


Are any of these “so called” widgets provided by LC designed to provide any true functionality or am I just wasting my time trying to use them.
They appear to have been knocked up during someones tea break. Not a great way to advertise LC’s abilities.


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