How to One Stack to Interact With Another

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Sun Dec 20 13:54:41 EST 2020

1) One stack, interacting with another. (Type setting is a goal) i.e. set as a pallet, with a mouseup on it

on mouseUp 
       set the defaultstack to "SlideShowSetUp"
       the selectedtext of fld "mainText"
end mouseup

2) whereas the selectedText into Stack Two ( we want to change the font size, color of the selectedText), simply goes away.

Now, we know that is how it works, numberless examples in the IDE. But can you explained it? The "focused with keyboard" in the pallet is unchecked. That was the idea to brought me back to the idea that where the selectedText was still selected. But no, it gets "wiped" ...there are zero characters, that are selected. It must be simple.


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