Debian 10 install failure

Sean Cole (Pi) sean at
Thu Dec 17 12:43:17 EST 2020

Hmm, so why would it say "Failed to load library 'gdk' (tried"?


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> On 12/17/20 8:29 AM, Sean Cole (Pi) via use-livecode wrote:
> > Hi all,
> >
> > Continuing my study on Linux alternatives, I've just tried installing
> > LC9.6.2RC onto the latest Debian 10 (buster) build (clean install in
> > Parallels from its add VM page). However, it comes up with an error when
> > installing LC right after double-clicking the installer: "Failed to load
> > library 'gdk' (tried". Debian 10 has Gtk 3.x
> > installed. Is this the problem? Do I need to go back a build to Debian 9?
> > Or can I still install on 10 somehow with a tweak?
> Sean-
> Don't know about Parallels. I just loaded the latest debian build onto a
> 15GB virtualbox VM, downloaded the latest stable LC, and installed. Had
> to restart the system in order for LiveCode to show up in the menu, but
> other than that no problems. I could launch from a commandline or after
> the restart from the menu. I installed debian using the semi-automated
> installer, which by default is using cinnamon as its desktop manager. I
> did have to fiddle with the display resolution to get the whole menubar
> on screen, but that's a virtualbox/debian thing and not LC.
> Note that debian 10 is the only debian version that hasn't reached an
> end of life (and therefore no updates), so I wouldn't waste time trying
> earlier versions if you're putting something into production.
> ...and to correct my earlier statement, I revisited the docs and I see
> "The x86-64 and x86 Linux build environments used for compiling LiveCode
> are based on Debian Wheezy."
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