CentOS Death in 2021

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Thu Dec 17 00:40:08 EST 2020

LC Server had graphics capabilities added a few versions back.  You can 
lay out objects on cards and export images with it now.

I'm not sure if those extend to the PDF external, but if you happen to 
try it please let me know.

If nothing else, being able to run faceless should save quite a bit of 
RAM and CPU time as well.

  Richard Gaskin
  Fourth World Systems

Sean Cole wrote:
> Hi Richard,
> My case scenario is maybe a little unique, I don't know. The server app
> needs to build from MySQL data and other resources (csv's and images)
> downloaded from emails received from a vendor a PDF report that it 'prints'
> out and uploads to a web hosted site for downloading by the clients desktop
> app (on windows). We receive about 100-200 emails at the moment that get
> processed by the server every morning as soon as they are received (all at
> about 5am). Regardless of if it was running in the IDE or as a standalone
> in the server (which is private and never accessed directly or indirectly
> by any client) it runs at the same speed with the same functionality
> (except I don't have to wait for a huge stack to build each time I make a
> little change). This is why a GUI is required, so the PDF can be built.
>  > Back to my OP.
>>  > - What system build of Linux should I best install in Parallels
>>  > virtual and Server Remote Host for deployment should I run with?
>>  > Given the choices of potentially having LC IDE running as the ‘live’
>>  > software stack on the server itself (which is not the best way to run
>>  > it, but potentially a method that is usable for our purposes perhaps).
>> What is the benefit of running the LC IDE on a server, as opposed to a
>> standalone?  Do you need a GUI there at all?
>> Either way, I believe Heriberto made a solid case yesterday for Ubuntu.
>> As the most popular distro, it has more docs, tutorials, and community
>> support, and more de facto testing.  It's also the leading choice for
>> computer manufacturers shipping with Linux preinstalled, like Dell's XP
>> line and similar from HP, Acer, and others.

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