CentOS Death in 2021

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Wed Dec 16 04:39:34 EST 2020

Ah, i see your POV now. You distinguish a difference between ‘runs on’ and ‘deploys on’. Where as I infer that there is no difference and that ‘supports’ is as ‘system requirements’ or ‘supported systems’. 

The document is aimed at users of Livecode who, of course are developers but, are also making use of the IDE. So, imho I would see a need to have perhaps a separate part for each then. A runs on and deploys to section. More than just runs on in fact. That infers that it can chug along on with fits and starts. But a ‘system recommendation for development’. And THEN a section for ‘systems supported for deployment’ or ‘standalone system requirements’ to keep the same vernacular as the IDE itself. With known issues covering both the IDE and Deployment as two separate sections also. 

But ideally I would assume that these would be the same for both environments - with the exception of course of Android, iOS, iPadOS (there is a distinction now), iWatchOS (knowing full well this is not supported at all), HTML5, etc. 

And then the requirement for Linux to have these separate libraries installed on BOTH the IDE machine AND the ‘end users’ Linux machine running the standalone should be made all the more clearer. Perhaps the ‘installation’ section should be separated entirely into the three main platforms with Linux being given a little more care in referring to each Linux distro in turn where needed. 

To me, because CentOS is only referred to in the release notes and only under the support section is where the inference occurred and why it seemed reasonable to assume that this referred both to IDE and deployment supports. And this difference in observation was neither made clear in my posts nor your responses which is where the misunderstandings occurred. 


Back to my OP. 
- What system build of Linux should I best install in Parallels virtual and Server Remote Host for deployment should I run with? Given the choices of potentially having LC IDE running as the ‘live’ software stack on the server itself (which is not the best way to run it, but potentially a method that is usable for our purposes perhaps). 
- Which systems of Linux can we safely develop and test in? 
- And then, which systems of Linux can we safely deploy and run in? And what are the known issues for both develop/test, and deploy/run?


> On 16 Dec 2020, at 06:23, Richard Gaskin via use-livecode <use-livecode at lists.runrev.com> wrote:
> So...
> Since what we want to know is on which Linux distros LiveCode is known to run well on, would replacing "support" with "runs on" suffice?

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