return "error" code from standalone compile

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Fri Dec 11 13:57:33 EST 2020

Ken Ray wrote:

 > Mark Wieder wrote:
 >> See the quit command in the dictionary.
 >> quit 42
 > Wow... I've been using Livecode since its inception (and Revolution
 > before that, and even MetaCard before *that*!), and I never knew this
 > existed!

Me neither.

If this optional exit code param was documented earlier, it's not there now.

 > (I wonder if anyone's put together a "list of things Livecode can do
 > that you probably didn't know about" ?)

I considered it, but then it occurred to me that anything in the list 
would become public knowledge and thereby no longer qualify for 
inclusion in such a list. ;)

More seriously, I used to maintain a list in a document titled "mode 
16", but I can't find it right now so I can't recall how you stumbled 
across "mode 16" or the other notes there.  I'll find it sometime...

I just filed a bug report on this missing element:

@ Mark Weider: where did you learn about the quit command supporting an 
exit code?

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