Trying to use the Segmented Control

Ralf Bitter rabit at
Fri Dec 11 04:57:38 EST 2020

Roland thanks, did what you proposed,
means I added two check boxes to toggle
the properties of the button group.

And please don't forget to send me your
button bar.


On 10.12.20 23:30, R.H. via use-livecode wrote:
> @ Ralf Bitter
> Dear Ralf, I downloaded your segmented control from:
> and I installed the widget using the Extension Manager in the IDE.
> It looks very nice. Exactly what allows control and even change the
> behavior. First time users should know that the custom properties (as
> described by you) are custom properties of the group "menuBtnGrp". For a
> first time, two visible switches would probably allow users to just test
> without having to look under the hood.
> Since I must build such button groups dynamically (users can add or remove
> modules which then appear put on the navigation bar that is constiung of
> such "buttons") I will just need to script this a bit in more detail.
> I also wrote my own bar using a table field where I mimic the hiliting and
> hover (mouseover) effect when moving the mouse over lines or using arrow
> keys (up and down. It looks like a button bar when using an image source
> for a first character. But it does not work for SVG as far as I know. And
> it only works for vertical "bars". On the other hand, it is very easy to
> dynamically create and remove lines. Actually, I track the mousemove and
> detect the line number and then place a transparent graphic over the
> selected line. This gives more control than using the built-in hilited
> property.  If someone is interested, I can send...
> So, thanks a lot to you for providing this, and I am sure I will have fun
> using it...
> Roland

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