Printing a com.livecode.widget.browser

Terence Heaford theaford at
Thu Dec 10 04:14:25 EST 2020

Clearly you can’t print a card that contains a browser widget as livecode is unable to do this.

I don’t understand why because Safari can and I believe they are both based on webkit.

Anyway I have come up with a semi acceptable workflow that involves.

1. Exporting a screenshot of the screen with the widget into a variable.

2. Pasting via script into a LC image object.

3. Then print the portion of the card containing the image.

The problem is this.

I have both the image and widget on the same card and hide the widget when I want to print the image and vice versa when going back to the widget.

There is a noticeable flash when hiding and showing the objects.

I am looking for ideas as to how I can minimise this flash or camouflage	it for the user.



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