Will Browser widget ever work on Linux?

Curry Kenworthy curry at pair.com
Wed Dec 9 11:40:31 EST 2020


 > It's actually OSX where CEF usage was
 > dropped, not Windows.

Yep, it actually feels great to be a Windows-first LiveCoder. 
Ironically, things "just work." In fact I'm doing a Windows app right 
now, using - guess what - the Browser widget. Works a treat.

It's hard to overstate how important embedded Browser support is. Along 
with, of course, the field object, which can do much more than most 
people realize. (The cliques and promoters/repeaters in this LC 
community always breathlessly push certain resources, at the expense of 
awareness about others.) Like the field, embedded Browser is a way to 
deliver and display so many different kinds of content that it should be 
considered a foundational part of LC. Can't afford to let it slip.

And the Browser needs to work fairly seamlessly cross-platform, to a 
reasonable extent. That's why we're all here, right?

About Windows: Once upon a time I was a big Mac guy and Mac-first 
shareware author. I was all about Mac...until Apple made some dumb and 
hypocritical UI decisions, contradicting their own doctrine repeatedly 
and destructively. They took a crowbar to the beloved Mac OS and made it 
much less convenient and satisfying to use.

I never jumped ship onto the Linux rowboat. Nice to have that platform - 
and by all means it should be supported. I'm still an enthusiastic 
Mac-second developer, and I welcome Linux work on occasion, but I 
adopted Windows as my primary OS since their UI had some advantages. To 
this day I'm very happy to be firmly cross-platform and proudly 

Now that I have an SSD, the LC script editor troubles are a thing of the 
past too. LC simply made the mistake of designing broadly-used software 
on high-end hardware, so it wasn't a great design, especially for the 
masses. (Strange because that's usually a beginner's mistake.) Remember 
how the newly open-source LC was going to open up the world of coding to 
the third-world masses? Nope, not gonna happen, not with that kind of 
disk usage! I always design on budget hardware, so that at least the 
middle class can use the end product too.

But now SSD has become the standard for new budget hardware, so very 
soon that will be moot - once again LC runs just fine with modern 
antivirus and Windows 10. (Talking about a real Windows computer - hi 
Richmond - and not a partition or virtualized system. Real PC, real Mac 
is the way to go.) So for users stuck on "the dark side" of Mac or Linux 
- the grass really is greener over here at the moment. Fingers crossed.

Best wishes,

Curry Kenworthy

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