Can LC read QR-Code?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Tue Dec 8 14:08:14 EST 2020

Mark Weider wrote:
> On 12/7/20 6:07 PM, Richard Gaskin via use-livecode wrote:
>> Where is LC's QR code plugin documented?
>> I have Indy, but LiveCode has no functioning browser widget for Linux, 
>> and so it has no Dictionary; instead it opens the Dictionary from the 
>> public site, which apparently only documents things in the Community 
>> Edition.
> If you use Bernd Niggeman's tinyDictionary plugin you'll have access to 
> the documentation on linux, and in a much more usable and readable form.

Thanks. I'm familiar with tindyDictionary and admire Bernd's work, but 
had hoped there would be documentation available on the web. I can 
download tinyDictionary, or just look at my Mac, so if the only 
documentation for the QR code reader is in the not-online-Dictionary at 
least I know where to go.

As for separate matter of the IDE-provided Dictionary, that it's broken 
in the Linux edition is the smaller problem, the bigger being that the 
reason there's no Dictionary is that there's no working browser widget.

I understand that there are legitimate challenges with that.  But I find 
it difficult to believe that it's technically impossible to embed a 
browser instance in another app on Linux.

I don't mind admitting that I speak naively on that; I can't recall 
offhand seeing another native Linux app that embeds a browser.  But 
given the increasing role of the browser widget as a solution in LC, if 
it's not going to be supported then at a minimum marking it and all 
things dependent on it (like the AOuth lib) as deprecated would at least 
provide clarity about what LC does and doesn't provide.

I guess one upside is that the combination of the browser's 
ever-increasing importance and not having that available in LC (along 
with audio and video playback and others), has prompted me to reconsider 
the role of the desktop and devote more time to exclusively-web 
deployments, the market for which is far from slowing down.

> Hint: you can set 4Wdevolution's 'Dictionary' button to address it, and 
> then you don't have to deal with the browser version any more.

Thanks for the plug. :)

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