Keeping soft line break and using clipboard data

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LC uses ascii 11 as a soft break. If you can replace the character in the clipboard with ascii 
11 it would probably work.

On 12/4/20 6:18 AM, R.H. via use-livecode wrote:
> I am using Windows 10, LiveCode Indy 9.6.1
> Here is a question I tried to solve using clipBoardData, fullClipBoardData
> and rawClipboardData. I am aware that there is nothing in Livecode that
> represents soft line breaks, for example as a Unicode character (unless I
> could not find anywhere). But I need to preserve such existing soft line
> breaks since I need to copy text from a word processor into other programs
> that support such soft returns.
> For example, in most email apps the key-combination Shift-Return breaks the
> line, but it is not a hard LFCR (depending on platform) and the paragraph
> is not touched. It HTML it would be a "<br> instead of <p/>.  But pasting
> such text into LCS will only convert those soft returns to hard returns.
> So, I thought to use the clipboard, getting the binary data of the text
> file (UTF8-encoded including soft returns) with an URL(binfile:<pathY>),
> encoding them in one way or the other, and the user will then be able to
> paste the copied text including those hidden soft returns into the target
> application. In this way, I hoped to circumvent the LCS text representation.
> Unfortunately, I did not get it to work one way or the other. Is it
> possible at all? Did anybody ever had such a need and solved it?
> Roland
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