Keeping soft line break and using clipboard data

R.H. roland.huettmann at
Fri Dec 4 07:18:19 EST 2020

I am using Windows 10, LiveCode Indy 9.6.1

Here is a question I tried to solve using clipBoardData, fullClipBoardData
and rawClipboardData. I am aware that there is nothing in Livecode that
represents soft line breaks, for example as a Unicode character (unless I
could not find anywhere). But I need to preserve such existing soft line
breaks since I need to copy text from a word processor into other programs
that support such soft returns.

For example, in most email apps the key-combination Shift-Return breaks the
line, but it is not a hard LFCR (depending on platform) and the paragraph
is not touched. It HTML it would be a "<br> instead of <p/>.  But pasting
such text into LCS will only convert those soft returns to hard returns.

So, I thought to use the clipboard, getting the binary data of the text
file (UTF8-encoded including soft returns) with an URL(binfile:<pathY>),
encoding them in one way or the other, and the user will then be able to
paste the copied text including those hidden soft returns into the target
application. In this way, I hoped to circumvent the LCS text representation.

Unfortunately, I did not get it to work one way or the other. Is it
possible at all? Did anybody ever had such a need and solved it?


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