Trying to use the Segmented Control

Richmond richmondmathewson at
Thu Dec 3 03:13:27 EST 2020

Yes, it is a nice widget.

But, because it is a widget it has several quite obvious and annoying 
limitations when compared
with making your own thing using the 'old fashioned' objects in LiveCode.

At this point things come to some hard choices:

1. Do you want a quick-and-easy, one-size-fits-all solution?
If you do that's the segmented control widget.

2. Do you want something you can customise to exactly fits your needs?
If you do, chuck the widget and start grouping some customised buttons.

3. Think about Python Libraries . . . [had quite a 'flame thrower' about 
just last week with someone extolling the supposed virtues of Python].


On 30.11.20 13:05, R.H. via use-livecode wrote:
> Basically, I think, it is a nice widget.
> --- But sometimes, I would like to show text with icons together, or each
> icon in a different color. Possible?
> --- Then I would like to import whatever icon or image and individually set
> its size, and margins individually. I like to have access to the details of
> each segment and it's look and feel. Even each segment's rect and other
> details should be modifiable. I would like to be able to define the size
> and the color of each object's border and dividing lines. The only way
> around is scripting lines or whatever to be used as an overlay -- which is
> a kludge. But is it possible using LCB to address individual parts and
> define a more detail-grained API?
> --- Messages: I do not understand why not standard mouse messages would
> work here and are not supported.  Other messages than just "hilitedChange"
> should be detected. But it would be important, in my opinion, to allow each
> and every graphical widget to detect mouseWithin, mouseMove, mouseDown,
> mouseUp, mouseEnter, mouseLeave, etc.
> Is there anybody working on such widgets and updating them to newer
> versions? Is there a version history for each widget?
> The documentary of the widget (widgets) in the Dictionary could be enhanced
> with a first date of appearance and dates of new versions as well as
> enhancement requests or planned enhancements? I assume the author is
> LiveCode Ltd.?
> Roland
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