Trying to use the Segmented Control

Ralf Bitter rabit at
Wed Dec 2 16:24:17 EST 2020

Hi Roland,

I have a LCB widget I used as a replacement
for the segmented control. My "segmented control"
actually consists of a group of button widgets,
but it seems it comes close to what you are looking for.



On 30.11.20 12:05, R.H. via use-livecode wrote:
> Basically, I think, it is a nice widget.
> --- But sometimes, I would like to show text with icons together, or each
> icon in a different color. Possible?
> --- Then I would like to import whatever icon or image and individually set
> its size, and margins individually. I like to have access to the details of
> each segment and it's look and feel. Even each segment's rect and other
> details should be modifiable. I would like to be able to define the size
> and the color of each object's border and dividing lines. The only way
> around is scripting lines or whatever to be used as an overlay -- which is
> a kludge. But is it possible using LCB to address individual parts and
> define a more detail-grained API?
> --- Messages: I do not understand why not standard mouse messages would
> work here and are not supported.  Other messages than just "hilitedChange"
> should be detected. But it would be important, in my opinion, to allow each
> and every graphical widget to detect mouseWithin, mouseMove, mouseDown,
> mouseUp, mouseEnter, mouseLeave, etc.
> Is there anybody working on such widgets and updating them to newer
> versions? Is there a version history for each widget?
> The documentary of the widget (widgets) in the Dictionary could be enhanced
> with a first date of appearance and dates of new versions as well as
> enhancement requests or planned enhancements? I assume the author is
> LiveCode Ltd.?
> Roland
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