DataGrid 2 swipe actions

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My apologies to Mike AND Mark on the misquote, and *bump* to this bug. I had too many QC tabs open for bugs, am I right? ;) 

Is there a way to send a mobileControlSet “delayTouches” command to the scroller created? I wasn’t sure how to get the ID since the DataGrid code made the scroller. 

-Andrew Bell

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> On 8/26/20 9:36 PM, Andrew at MidWest Coast Media via use-livecode wrote:
>> The highlighted row when scrolling is a separate bug patched by Mike Wieder <> awaiting a GitHub merge, but turning on delayTouches makes the swipe animation jerky because the scroller has to decide if it?s scrolling first so the swipe controls aren?t very responsive. Would be curious if these two things can live in harmony. Any DG2 advice?
> That's actually Mike Kerner's fix. I just added a comment. Or two.
> Trying to prioritize getting it looked at.
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