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> 6. If you continue to use a hammer instead of a screwdriver, you WILL get
> the job done… but then don’t curse the wood for damaging

 In your illustration, who is the wood? LC? Surely they are the hammer (or
the screwdriver). So in that case, who is the wood? My clients? So, okay
then, if you are saying that LC is a hammer and they are damaging my
clients (quite possible and reasonable to consider) then who would be that
'Screwdriver' I can turn to that WILL absolutely be able to allow me to
switch easily (I'm nearly 50 and don't want to invest yet more time and
money into something that may or may not be 'ideal' to our situation) and
provide QUICK turnaround prototypes and working apps (for the most part) to
my tv/video clients and port over software from windows LC code to the web
for my other big client?

Bear in mind, this client of mine came into LC with 0% coding experience,
built his frankly HUMONGOUS app over a period of 10 years with the help of
the likes of Klaus and others of our community, and ONLY knows LC and wants
to be able to continue that while progressing forward for his customers,
the Huge mobile telecoms sales forces of the UK.

Trust, I have done painful amounts of research into the best solutions for
him and the others. Then I ASKED LC to ensure they were committed to fixing
the issues and continue the HTML development of which I was assured so
purchased 2x 3yr licences for me and my client. So far, to date, over the
last 1.27years, they have fixed the delete key two weeks ago and then,
because I kicked up a fuss, they added the arrow keys. However, the shift
key remains non-functional as do all the other modifier keys (although they
have explained why alt cannot work which is fair enough and I can
understand that one - I'm not totally unforgiving or unreasonable).
Copy-paste is still non-functional. The data grid is a mess. Basic text
field operations remain dysfunctional. And LC continue to fail to respond
publicly or privately to this issue or the others I raise. When I message
Ian, the LC developer who HTML has been haded over to since the original
coders jumped ship, to discuss things on GitHub or email I receive no
response from him or any other team member.

So I am at a loss. In limbo. Abandoned! Not even any of you are help me as
I lay here stranded in the middle of an ocean. Other than the same old lame
excuses and saying 'they mean well' and 'they are doing their best' and
'it's just the way it is' or 'has always been'. It's no consolation to me
or my clients for the serious amounts of money and time invested.

If they are not going to deliver, I would just prefer them to be honest,
own up to it, let us know and we can move on knowing where we stand (or
swim, continuing the ocean metaphor).

> On Aug 25, 2020, at 9:28 AM, Richmond via use-livecode <
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> 4. "find another language that will do exactly what you want" . . . ouch,
I hurt my leg falling off the chair with laughter.

Hehe :D, my sentiments exactly, Richmond. Nail hit sqaurely by that hammer
(or screwdriver). I feel you and I share a sense of humour and sarcasm
that, if placed in a room together, could start a holocaust. Oopsy ;)

Sean Cole
*Pi Digital *

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