Cross Platform Font Layout - current workarounds

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Tue Aug 25 09:28:56 EDT 2020

Well; let's consider that suggestion:

1. The Holy Grail was an abstract idea dreamt up by the Knights Templars.

2. Most people have worked out by the time they are about 35 that 
perfection is a dangerous illusion.

3. "Years of hell": Why do you suppose the OP has stuck with LiveCode 
for the length of time he has if it has been 'hell'?

4. "find another language that will do exactly what you want" . . . 
ouch, I hurt my leg falling off the chair with laughter.

5. Why do I get a "funny feeling" that by calling yourself 'Paul 
Pystcat' you are an undercover agent pushing Python (a language
which I could say one or two "fruity" things about)?

6. The OP is NOT a fool; that is quite obvious from his previous 
postings over a number of years, and he would not be
posting the sort of thing he posted if he were considering abandonong 

7. Err . . . on the subject of rants and "squishes" . . .

On 25.08.20 16:11, Paul Pystcat via use-livecode wrote:
> I really have to ask…  if you are having such problems that are so insurmountable using LiveCode, then why not just abandon ship…?  Seriously.  If this is such a showstopper, why not find another language that will do exactly what you want..?  Don’t waste any more of your time.  Do it.  You may find the Holy Grail and all will be well… you can look back on your years of hell with LiveCode and laugh at us that remain.
>> On Aug 25, 2020, at 6:01 AM, Pi Digital via use-livecode <use-livecode at> wrote:
>> Not Fridge, Fork.
>> I assume (dangerously) from your reply that you do not have to make real world applications for corporate branded customers. Where design has been done by a branding team with a 12 - 120 page Production guide). Someone like the BBC, Channel 4, NBC, or their subsidiaries. Like Saatchi and Saatchi, Mars, Ford, Pfizer, Virgin, VTech, Bandai.
>> My case study this project. Two week turnaround (first week primary development wireframed , second week skin and output for Windows(primary output)/Mac(Backup)). Tv gameshow multiscreen (some split across multiple screens themselves) for live recording screen graphics. 35 cards (or frames, pages, slides, whatever you want to call them) plus video inserts all with live updated content input by a controller on a remote machine (pc or Mac as they see fit on the day) as the show progresses.
>> As the platform my POC and his office colleagues was using was a PC it made sense to do development in Windows for output to PC and Mac for studio techs to pick from based on location around the studio (the gallery for controllers, back stage and stage floor). It is arse-umed that how it looks on Windows is how it should look on any other platform we distribute to including the various output sizes (1024x576SD, 960x540HHD, 1920x1080HD, 3840x2160 4k). Everything has to match to the pixel. That’s how branding works. We have no issue with that moving between platforms in editing and graphics platforms, so post production facilities (mine included) could not conceive or perceive that it would be any different in a development environment. Design it in photoshop on a pc and send it to your colleagues working in After Effects on a Mac and send it back to an editor on a PC running Premiere and it looks the same end to end. That is ‘just the way it is’!
>> So, after developing at a stupid rate, 12 solid 14-18hr days, we have the finished app layered out (don’t get me back on the layering embargo), animated with text & graphic moves and effects, ready for deployment out to Mac and PC. Tick the boxes in the standalone settings, build and open in their respective platforms.
>> Only to find that everything you had laid out perfectly matching on PC is totally screwed on the Mac. Opening up the stack on the Mac, it’s the same thing. Now with only one day to go I am forced to work out the fastest way to realign every text box (anything from 2 - 200 per card) so they match exactly regardless of platform. Like is done automatically on any other software we use.
>> That’s ‘real world’ development. Not to mention my current bread and butter job for Porrima which has, to date, 47 substacks, 377 cards, 10,800+ text objects and  is now being ported from PC o et to HTML5 by way of a tonne of NON-CODE-ONCE workarounds and layout alterations.
>> It’s this kind of BS that keeps me mental, ensures I don’t get too sane. Makes sure you get a good rant out of me every week or month.
>> Sean Cole
>> Pi Digital
>>> That is HowTF  (What do you mean exactly by "How Tin Fridge"?) ;-), I get
>>> things done.
>>> Best, Richmond.
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