Old stack will not save or save as...

Paul Dupuis paul at researchware.com
Wed Aug 19 12:41:34 EDT 2020

On 8/19/2020 12:02 PM, Bob Sneidar via use-livecode wrote:
> Just a shot in the dark, suppress messages before opening?

Good guess, but no winner. However, your suggestion did put me on to the 

The stack was set to "modeless". If I execute in the message box

save stack "XYZ" as "C:/Users/MyUser/Desktop/XYZ.livecode" -- no lock. 
No error, but no save.

However, after I execute in the message box:

topLevel "XYZ" -- everything now works. The File save and save as menus 
items as enable and behave correctly.

Why I can't save or save as a modeless stack in IDE is a mystery to me.

It is also a mystery to me how Bob suggesting "suppress messages" led my 
brain to look at a stacks Modality, but it did, so thank you Bob!

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