Browser Widget and Twitter on iOS 13

Mark Waddingham mark at
Thu Aug 13 13:09:00 EDT 2020

On 2020-08-13 17:06, Ralph DiMola via use-livecode wrote:
> Thanks Mark.
> I searched all stacks for "userAgent" and it did not exist. After I got 
> some
> more feedback it is working on iOS 13 iPhones but not on an iOS 13 
> iPad. So
> far this iPad is the only one with this issue. The user tried in Safari 
> on
> the iPad and did not get the message.

So that is just odd - it might be worth checking that said iPad has the 
latest version of iOS13...

There's a small chance that Apple has fixed something in WKWebView on 
iOS13 in some .x increment, and Twitter has blocked the versions before 
(via userAgent).

Safari and WKWebView are not the same thing (I think Safari might use 
its own private version of WebKit under the hood - although I'm not 100% 
sure about that) so the Safari comparison might not be relevant in this 

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