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If you sell chocolate chip cookies and the majority of the people buy your
cookies, does that make you a monopoly?

If Ford designs a new car should they be forced to make companies like
Chevy be able to use Chevy parts on the Ford car?

Anyone can make cookies, cars, computers and mobile devices if they have
the desire and money.  Apple does not prevent you or others from making
software or computers.

My personal thought about the 30% fee Apple charges to sell your software
is that it’s a really good deal.  Apple list your product allowing many millions
of people to see and buy it.  They handle all the global sales and taxes plus
provide a way to download it.  If your software is making a lot of money part
of the money you are paying Apple would have been added in taxes due to
you making more profit.  If you have an app that many schools or other types
of business want to buy Apple can make that deal better than most small
developers.  To me that seems cheap compared to the increased sales that
Apple can make with large companies.  But each developer has their own
reasons for using Apple or not.


> On Aug 10, 2020, at 2:45 PM, J. Landman Gay via use-livecode <use-livecode at> wrote:
> I forgot we had a lawyer in our midst. So is Apple a monopoly in the legal sense?
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>> Jerry jesticulated,
>>> Are you sure? The W12 used in some Bentleys is made by VW, and many years of Phantoms used a V12 of the proper displacement. Of course they don’t talk about mundane stuff like that! <grin>
>> But VW now makes “Bentley", while “Rolls” is now a BMW brand.
>> In either case, you don’t get the real thing, and the Rolls Royce 8 cylinder engine is now a bit of history . . .
>> (And for another odd quirk, Rolls once licensed the GM Turbo 400 transmission for use n both, but made “improvements” in it.  That worked "so well” that within a couple of years they instead just bought them from GM . . .)
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