Audio Recording with cameracontrol

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Fri Sep 20 19:03:59 EDT 2019

Hi Dan,

I haven't used cameracontrol, but... In a Mac-only app I built for a 
client, I used the 'sox' commandline app for recording. It has been 
quite reliable now for several years.

Like so:

command audio_startRecording*
*    put <sox filepath> into sRecorderApp
     put <output filepath> into sFilename

     put sRecorderApp \
       && "-q -d -r 22050 -b 16 -e signed -c 1" \
       && sFilename \
       into sCommand -- settings are for recording speech

     open process sCommand for neither
end audio_startRecording

command audio_stopRecording
     -- get the sox process ID
     filter shell("ps -A") with ("*" & sRecorderApp & "*") into tList
     put word 1 of tList into tPID

     -- end the sox process
     put shell("kill -s INT" && tPID) into sCommandStatus
     # Tells 'kill' to send SIGINT to the recorder app - equivalent to 
control-c in Terminal

     -- close the LC process
     put empty into tResult
         close process sCommand
         put the result into tResult
     catch tErr
         put tErr into tResult
     end try

     -- return the filename
     return sFilename
end audio_stopRecording

I imagine there are other commandline apps that would work as well.

Hope this helps -
Phil Davis

On 9/20/19 2:27 PM, Dan Soneson via use-livecode wrote:
> I am trying to update audio recording capabilities in LiveCode, now that we
> soon won't be able to use QuickTime any longer, even on Macs. I've been
> trying to use cameracontrol to do the recording, but have quickly run into
> 2 major bugs, I think - one an absolute showstopper:
> I set the videoDevice to empty, so as to only record the audio. It seems I
> am able to record audio only for 10 seconds or less. Once I go beyond 10
> seconds the resulting file is unreadable, and simply doesn't play in the
> player. Can anyone get a successful, playable audio recording longer than
> 10 seconds?
> When I enable the video recording as well, I get a lovely video recording
> with audio if the recording is 10 seconds or shorter. Once the video is
> longer than 10 seconds, there is no audio at all but the video is still
> lovely. So the file plays, but there is no audio.
> Am I alone in experiencing these problems? Is there another way to do audio
> recording, since we can no longer do "record sound" (since it is not
> available for Windows, and is restricted to 32 bit applications on Mac)?
> Platform: MacOS Mojave
> LiveCode Business 9.04
> Thanks,
> Dan
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