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JB sundown at
Fri Sep 20 06:24:50 EDT 2019

The MacOs folder is there and the file gets added
to it automatically.  As for what version I am using
it is Revolution Enterprise 4.5.0.  I needed to use
some things in the Enterprise version that are
only in a commercial version of LiveCode.  When
I get some more money I will upgrade to LiveCode
commercial version but for now pretty much every
thing I want to do with this small program will work
with the version I am using.

If I ever get it working correctly I willl let you know.

Thanks for the help!

> On Sep 20, 2019, at 3:19 AM, Klaus major-k via use-livecode <use-livecode at> wrote:
> Hi JB
>> Am 20.09.2019 um 12:10 schrieb JB via use-livecode <use-livecode at>:
>> Now this is interesting!
>> I added the code snipped you just gave me and put
>> it above your other code.
>> When I clicked the button it worked like a charm as
>> far as copying the file to the desktop.  That is great!
>> But for some reason the answer dialog appeared
>> like it should but it was empty.  How did adding
>> this before the other code make a difference and
>> how can I make it work without it?
> made a test on my own with the same script and with "Copy files",
> the resulting file on my desktop has an icon and is an exact copy of 
> the original file.
> ..
> answer specialfolderpath("resources")
> put specialfolderpath("desktop") & "/mypic.jpg" into tTargetFile
> put specialfolderpath("resources") & "/3d3.jpg" into tSourceFile
> if there is not a file tTargetfile then
>  put url("binfile:" & tSourceFile) into url("binfile:" & tTargetFile)
> end if
> ..
> And MY answer dialog showed the correct path!?
> What version of LC are you using on what macOS version?
> specialfolderpath("resources") in a standalone gave me:
> (my desktop folder)/
> Maybe you need to create that _MacOS folder when copying your
> files manually into the standalone.
>> Thank you very much!
>> JB
> Best
> Klaus
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