Writing a Book on LiveCode need your help

JJS jjs at krutt.org
Mon Sep 16 13:36:02 EDT 2019

A lot of examples for LC server would be great.

Yes there are some, in the lessons, on samples.on.rev.com and there is a 
guide on https://livecode.com/resources/guides/server/

which you can hardly call a guide as it only explains a bit how to install.

So there are very very few examples for lc server in my opinion


Jerry J

Op 16-9-2019 om 18:23 schreef Patrick Roza via use-livecode:
> Hi everyone,
> Looking for suggestions for a new book. All of us have read or viewed
> tutorials to help you learn LiveCode. I am looking for what you think was
> missed or could be better for my book.
> Thanks,
> Patrick
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