LC Luvv Da Buggs - Greatest Hits - "Player"

Curry Kenworthy curry at
Mon Sep 16 13:01:42 EDT 2019

Who would have thought the old player to have had so much bugs in it?

Enough per square inch to rival a rowdy case of mange?

Makes me wanna hear somebody sing the blues.... ♫♪

Check out how many bug tracks are included! The bugs will play all 
night, while you work around to get it right....

Artist: LC Luvv Da Buggs
Album: "Player"

♫ Can't stop now - after your touch
(Extra play after endTime sans currentTimeChanged)

♫ Throw it all away; it's just a selection
(Selection lost when clicking timeline)

♫ Ain't gonna repeat myself
(Play button unresponsive at endTime)

♫ Don't follow me, or someone will get hurt (me)
(currentTimeChanged only sent to last of any players with same path)

♫ This can't be the end - gotta keep on keepin' on
(Player with playSelection true does not stop at endTime)

♫ I ain't playin' (better stop before we get started)
(Player jumps to duration upon reaching startTime)

♫ I can't keep going, it's still the end my friend
(Player jumps to duration upon reaching endTime)

♫ Let's skip the beginning, baby (can't wait)
(Player restarts past initial content)

♫ You can't see me, but I'm in control - maybe
(Controller disappears after Mac window resize)

♫ March to my own beat (anybody got the time?)
(Content does not match currentTime after playSelection is changed)

♫ Not made for this world - gone in a flash
(Selection handles too fragile to survive actual use)

♫ We can't rush this (nor can we slow it down, baby)
(playRate not working for MP3s on Windows)

♫ Hey world, look at me now
(Player Controller Bar parts drawn on top of everything)

Yep, the player is squared away!

Best wishes,

Curry K.

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