OT: Catalina - the end of ad hoc & in-house development?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Sun Sep 8 02:55:52 EDT 2019

Paul Dupuis wrote:> I see no one refuting Peter's original > claims that Catalina is a ste towards > the end of ad-hoc and in-house > development for the Apple platform > and I would agree.Me too, FWIW, but I don't think the problem is Apple.What really changed since the olden days is that the Internet has become both ubiquitous and hostile.The restrictions we face with or in-house apps apply to all apps, and in increasingly hostile environment we want those in place.How can the OS know your app is truly yours and not from someone else masquerading as you? Signing does that.Apple makes consumer electronics, and everything they make is designed to connect to the Internet.The connected world has become a dangerous place.Primarily a consumer platform, we should expect consumer-level protections.If you want a developer platform use Linux. ;)Richard GaskinFourth World Systems

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