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Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Mon Sep 2 10:49:53 EDT 2019


Somehow today, Move to new window, opened full screen, but was able to move it up enough to grab the lower right resizer,  shrink the screen. Now, a click on the tab of another script: Move to new window:  Opens in the small rect of the previous one. 

show how the IDE is "caching" the rect of revscripteditor windows.

/Applications/LiveCode Business editor/revscripteditor.8.rev

now, subsequent windows, open to that rect. 

I use "Collect My Stacks" Plug in sometimes to solve this problem. Especially when I unplug the large monitors, Livecode "remembesr" where they were in a  3 monitor set up. but now you only have one.

But it would be nice to  have in the IDE. 
Both Center all stack on screen  (but not change the rect) and adjust rect of IDE windows, to fit on  screen. 


I am not sure if i can follow your steps, but tried here on Mac OS

I´ve opened two scripts in SE.
I´ve moved one script into new window by right clicking the tab -> move to new window
I´ve then pressed the circle with backslash icon on the window title of that new SE window to go to fullscreen

If i then move my mouse cursor to the top of the screen then after 1 seconds or so the window title bar appears on screen and i can press again on the circle with backslash icon to resize the window again.

I have a dual screen setup here. 

If i missed something in my steps then please let me know and explain the exact steps, i will try then again.

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