Is HTML5 really practical?

hh hh at
Sun Sep 1 01:56:38 EDT 2019

> Is there a way to force a reload of the bit you want (need) to reload,
> without reloading the engine ?

A reload doesn't reload the engine at any rate. To the contrary, it usually
just resets the standalone if the engine is (also on server) identical.

So reloading a standalone or loading another standalone with the identical
engine depends upon the caching policy of your browser and of your server
(my server uses SSD and keeps the engine in RAM for a while).

For example my 9.5.0 standalones reloaded (or loading another standalone
with the same engine) with Safari (of MacOS 10.14.6) or a browser widget
(LC 9.5.0) on Mac mini 2.5 GHz and a 100 MBit connection need

< 3 seconds from
< 5 seconds from

Chrome on Mac needs at about 2-4 seconds more.
Firefox on Mac does each time a 'full' reload.

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