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Tue Nov 26 14:45:37 EST 2019

I have reduced the problem to iOS input fields. Some testing shows that:

* The native fields exist
* Their rect is correct
* If I script their text data, it is there and can be retrieved

But they are inactive, can't be tapped, don't show any text even if its 
entry is scripted, can't be typed into, can't be focused. They act like 
they are invisible.

Here is what I do to create them. This is a generic handler that creates 
all input fields throughout the app, and it works fine on Android. 
Usually I call it like this: createInputFld "email". The other params 
are used only occasionally.

command createInputFld pName,pReturnKey,pMultiline -- native single-line 
   -- pName = any valid fld identifier (long name, ID, etc)
   -- pReturnKey = return key type, usually "search"
   -- pMultiline = boolean, whether to create a multi-line input
   put (the rect of control pName) into tRect
   subtract 10 from item 2 of tRect -- adjust for mobile
   add 10 to item 4 of tRect -- may not need for iOS
   if pMultiLine = true then
     mobileControlCreate "multiline", pName
     mobileControlCreate "input", pName
   end if
   mobileControlSet pName, "rect", tRect
   mobileControlSet pName, "autoCapitalizationType", "none"
   mobileControlSet pName, "autoCorrectionType", "no"
   mobileControlSet pName, "enabled", true
   mobileControlSet pName, "editable", true -- multiline only (?)
   mobileControlSet pName, "alpha", 0 -- transparent
   mobileControlSet pName, "textalign", the effective textalign of 
control pName
   mobileControlSet pName, "textColor", the effective textcolor of 
control pName
   if pReturnKey <> "" then mobileControlSet pName, "returnKeyType", 
pReturnKey -- usually "search"
   mobileControlSet pName, "visible", true
   if the platform contains "iPhone" then
     mobileControlSet pName, "borderStyle", "none"
     mobileControlSet pName, "clearButtonMode", "always"
   end if
end createInputFld

The fields on the first card are plain input fields, but I have a 
question about multiline fields. The docs are a bit confusing. I pass 
the parameter to Android and it does what I want. But I'm not clear 
whether that works on iOS. The docs say that multiline fields are 
applicable to both platforms, but mobileControlCreate info says it is 
Android only. There is also a separate iOS command to create a multiline 
field. How does all this work?

Multiline isn't applicable to the immediate issue, where I can't get 
past the first two plain input fields.

On 11/25/19 5:09 PM, J. Landman Gay via use-livecode wrote:
> Thanks Panos. Resetting didn't work, so now I'm wondering if it is 
> something about my LC native fields. The first thing the user needs to 
> do is log in, and I can't test beyond that until I can enter 
> credentials. There are two native fields, both are transparent. Would 
> transparency in iOS matter? They work on Android.
> I forgot to mention that the only OS available in XCode 10.1 is iOS 12.1 
> but I assume that's okay.
> On 11/25/19 4:11 PM, panagiotis merakos via use-livecode wrote:
>> Hello Jacque,
>> So the iOS standalone is installed to the iOS simulator, but the 
>> simulator
>> does not respond to clicks / keyboard entry?
>> I am on Mojave as well, but have not seen that happening.
>> Maybe it is worth resetting the simulator state:
>> Quit any instances of Xcode and iOS simulator, and execute this in the
>> terminal:
>> sudo killall -9
>> Then:
>> - Open the Simulator from Xcode (Launch Xcode 10.1, go to Xcode's menubar
>> and choose
>> Xcode -> Open Developer Tool -> Simulator)
>> - Wait until the simulator fully loads, until it shows the device's Home
>> screen
>> If you change device by clicking on the Simulator's app menubar
>> (Hardware -> Device -> iOS 12.1 -> <device_name> ) - again, wait until 
>> the
>> new simulator device fully loads, until it shows the device's Home screen
>> - Now go back to LiveCode and test again
>> Fingers crossed :)
>> Panos
>> -- 
>> On Mon, 25 Nov 2019 at 21:43, J. Landman Gay via use-livecode <
>> use-livecode at> wrote:
>>> When I run a test on the iOS simulator, it will not respond to either
>>> clicks/taps or keyboard entry. Basically, it's inert. I've tried several
>>> different hardware devices, all with the same results.
>>> A Google search seems to show that this is a bug in the simulator when
>>> running under Mojave, and works again if run in Catalina. I can't update
>>> to Catalina yet because several apps I rely on will not run there.
>>> I'm using LC 9.5.1 (rc1), XCode 10.1, on Mojave. Has anyone seen this,
>>> and if so, have a workaround?
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