WebP-Tool v103

andrew at midwestcoastmedia.com andrew at midwestcoastmedia.com
Mon Nov 25 15:37:24 EST 2019

"2.  have more images that fit the package -- last time I check it was  
100MB, for iOS."

I assume you are referring to the maximum app size when downloading  
from the App Store, in which case that limit has been removed with iOS  


--Andrew Bell

> From: Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami <brahma at hindu.org>
> Subject: Re: WebP-Tool v103
> Message-ID: <9C4D09CB-8782-4D9B-894E-7E74B860C61C at hindu.org>
> Looking forward to support on mobile. There is the total RAM  
> requirement that makes it hard to put the image into custom props of  
> one stack. SivaSiva app holds  roughly 350 photos, that must  
> delivered with the package. So a stack which had them as customs  
> prop would "blow out the phone." So I am looking forward to
>   1.  increase the density of those image. Too many have a subtle  
> "pixalation" because I downsized them  to fit the package. Based on  
> the eyesight and sense for image aesthetics, some users don't "mind"  
> , they are interested on the "documentary" content of what they see.  
> Other users react first to pixalation relatively other apps which  
> have dense retina display images
>   2.  have more images that fit the package -- last time I check it  
> was 100MB, for iOS.
>   3.  put them on them server and have a fast download time.
> Looking at the forum post, if I understand it, these are all required,
> "The stack webP-Tool contains and installs (if not available) the  
> binaries for 64bit Mac/Win/linux. ?The stack has included for  
> mac/win/nux (all 64bit), cwebp (WebP encoder tool), dwebp (WebP  
> decoder tool) and webinfo (WebP info tool)
> Not included are vwebp (WebP file viewer), webpmux (WebP muxing  
> tool), gif2webp (Tool for converting GIF images to WebP)."
> And those libs "native" on iOS and Android? Of course we can still  
> only show PNG in LC (for now)
> Ha! once again, I may be chasing the moon?.
> BR

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