WebP-Tool v103

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at hindu.org
Fri Nov 22 20:24:05 EST 2019

We really appreciate you staying on the "bleeding" edge ahead of us, Herman!
 Tried the stack, works amazing well.  A 1.2MB img →129K (at 1024 px wide) Look fabulous in Google Chrome!

" so you can use webp images in your stacks…" 
that is using the  pngOUT images in our stacks? Right?

Disclaimer: probably not doable: I guess to use on Mobile app we need to include binary code in our package and they unpack the WebP image before show them as PNG. Obviously would be get the user in trouble by unpacking too many large PNG (app could take up enormous space on the phone).. 
Sorry, the download links had a wrong path. Here are correct ones.

[Download] Currently I cannot upload to "SampleStacks/livecodeshare".
So please use from the message box
(EU) go stack url ("http://hyperhh.de/xstacks/webP-Tool_v103.livecode")
(US) go stack url ("http://hh.on-rev.com/xstacks/webP-Tool_v103.livecode")
or download
(EU) http://hyperhh.de/xstacks/webP-Tool_v103.livecode.zip
(US) http://hh.on-rev.com/xstacks/webP-Tool_v103.livecode.zip

When using go stack url, as a first action please SAVE the stack, we need
the stack path for writing out helpers and creating folders for conversion.

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