browserDocumentLoadComplete working correctly?

hh hh at
Thu Nov 21 03:52:07 EST 2019


looked in the scenario you mention. (I didn't say to use
messages of the browser widget ...)

This is your scenario (correct me if not):

You have several pages on one or more foreign servers.
These pages have dynamically generated content you wish
to access and extract parts to custom properties.

We need a solution that you can adjust yourself without
knowing JavaScript.

As you need a browser widget, several more use the same
widget code, so they are no additional burden in size.

You could try the following:

Use the javascriptHandler JS I told you with an additional
parameter (identifying the page) in the card script.
Load each page you need in a separate (invisible) browser
widget, using a short wait for the LC callback with that

In the handler JS you can check ALL incoming pages for
having the content you wish to read, also with a "send in
time" loop (say 500 millisecs intervals) for a retry.

Then you can even build and update your display page with
a "waiting for <page>" for the parts that are not yet ready.

A problem with that method could be that the server doesn't
allow too many multiple connections from the same IP. Then
one has to do the method in pieces with an allowed number
of connections.

For more detailed questions contact me via email. This may
be too special for the list, especially as you may be not
allowed to publish too much details.

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