Commands on server and lack of examples

JJS jjs at
Wed Nov 20 12:28:01 EST 2019

At least i know now how to use it with ISPconfig setups and their 
howto's to get fantastic VPS Linux setups, maybe how it's working with 
my VPS helps

Op 20-11-2019 om 03:02 schreef Richard Gaskin via use-livecode:
> Alex Tweedly wrote:
> On 19/11/2019 18:19, Richard Gaskin via use-livecode wrote:
>>> I may be able to help with the workaround, writing a script to set
>>> that up.  But I'm finding that there are so many different shared
>>> hosting configs, each with their own precious special needs, that
>>> making a single installation script for all of them is non-trivial.
> ...
>> That's not *simply* selfishness, because I believe there are perhaps
>> only a handful of ISPs who provide a high percentage of the Livecode
>> (shared) servers found in the real world, and I'm optimistic to think
>> that solving this problem for those cases would be enough to make a
>> difference, and specifically would help anyone coming to LC server as
>> a new user.
>> Google tells me (in a 30 second search, limited to the first two pages)
>> that only on-rev (aka Livecode hosting) and HostM specifically advertise
>> themselves for Livecode servers. Maybe those two would be a good start ?
> I suppose they would.
> I don't use either, but you've inspired me. :)
> I use Dreamhost and Interserver, and conceivably if I write a script 
> that works with both of those we may find that's fine for most 
> others.  And then for edge cases we can maintain the code on GitHub so 
> anyone who needs a change for another host can just add that part.
> In order of prevalence I'd guess that LC deploys are most common on:
> (very big)
> (kinda big)
> (several)
> (a few)
> ...and after that we're looking at a long but slim tail.
> I'll give it some thought for when my client work is behind me and I 
> have some spare time.
> It would also be nice to write a script for installing LC Server on 
> systems that don't have it preinstalled (pretty much everyone right 
> now except on-rev and hostm).  Even better would be to handle both 
> shared and VPS hosting.  If Let's Encrypt can be automated for so many 
> systems with CertBot (an excellent piece of work), surely we can 
> install LC Server.

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