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Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Tue Nov 19 13:12:50 EST 2019

Riko Abadi wrote:

 > is it possible to encrypt a standalone html5 file. So it can't be
 > downloaded and unzipped. So other people can see our logic script.
 > for example: http://hyperhh.de/html5/CopyPaste-8.0.2X.html
 > http://hyperhh.de/html5/CopyPaste-8.0.2.zip
 > I can see the stack card and copy the logic.
 > I want it when other people download the html5 standalone zip they
 > can't read my livecode logic script
 > is there another way to make it encrypted?

I believe HH's examples are using the Community Edition, in which source 
is available by design.

As with the desktop edition, I believe LC's HTML export allows use of 
stacks whose scripts have been password-protected.

That said, password protection only applies to the on-disk 
representation of a stack.  Once in memory, the algorithms of any 
program made with any tool can be dumped and disassembled.

If you have a need to protect secrets beyond what most desktop apps 
need, consider moving those secrets to a server and accessing them from 
your client app.

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