encrypt a standalone html5

hh hh at hyperhh.de
Tue Nov 19 13:07:26 EST 2019

> Riko A. wrote:
> Is it possible to encrypt a standalone html5 file.
> So it can't be downloaded and unzipped. So other
> people can see our logic script. for example: 
> http://hyperhh.de/html5/CopyPaste-8.0.2X.html
> http://hyperhh.de/html5/CopyPaste-8.0.2.zip

I did that intentionally and published this method
in the HTML5 forum to make source code available.

The Indy version of LiveCode has no download link.
Of course this is no encryption.

BUT you can *password protect* the scripts of your
standalone with the Indy version. As I did here:


If you wish to sell your standalone you need moreover
the HTML5 license.

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