AW: Indy 9.5.0. Apple can't search for malware in LC Indy?

Tiemo Hollmann TB toolbook at
Thu Nov 7 04:48:28 EST 2019

The weird thing was, that this message was different as others related to
not signed apps, telling it couldn't search for malware in the LC app...
That puzzled me.

In the security settings I had the setting "appStore & trusted developers"
(or so), but that was not enough. I had to add LC Indy to the white list
"open anyway". The clue was, that I had to open first the security system
settings – then start LC – and only then Apple asks me in the open system
settings window, if I want to add this app to the “open anyway” list.
Otherwise it won’t show you any window or choice to answer this option.


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I just installed LC Indy 9.5.0. on MacOS 10.15 Catalina


I can't start LC Indy. My Mac tells me:

"LiveCode Indy 9.5.0 can't be opened, because Apple can't search for malware
in this app." This software has to be updated.


Probably this was already a question on this list, but I couldn't find the
answer, what I have to do.


Thank you






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