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J. Landman Gay jacque at
Mon Nov 4 16:39:54 EST 2019

I'm unable to get the native player to work on Android, using scripts 
that did work previously. I'm streaming mp3 files from a server, and 
they work fine on desktop so I know the file is being sent. I've also 
tried opening a copy from Dropbox in three different audio players on 
Android and they all play too, so the file format is okay.

The script I'm using, which worked previously:

command createMobileAudioPlayer pURL, pPlayerName
   -- pURL = remote video or audio file
   -- pPlayerName = name of player to create
   mobileControlCreate "player",pPlayerName
   mobileControlSet pPlayerName, "visible", true
   mobileControlSet pPlayerName, "rect", getPlayerRect() -- returns a rect
   mobileControlSet pPlayerName, "showController", true
   mobileControlSet pPlayerName, "filename", pURL
   if pURL begins with "http" then
     showBusyIndicator true -- show spinner until duration is available
   end if
end createMobileAudioPlayer

on playerPropertyAvailable tProperty -- sent when enough has content is 
   if tProperty is "duration" then
     showBusyIndicator false -- Remove spinner and start playing
     setMobileAudioPlayer "listen", "play" -- handles playback
   end if
end playerPropertyAvailable

The control does get created, but shows a duration of zero. The 
playerPropertyAvailable message never arrives, so the player doesn't 
start. I've tried starting the player directly from the 
"createMobileAudioPlayer" handler but that also fails.

I'd like to verify that audio is no longer working before I submit a 

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