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Fri Nov 1 11:12:22 EDT 2019

This has happened a few times before... the following message never got posted to "	use-livecode at".  Can you explain why?  It must have gone somewhere because Giovanni Cannizzaro [johnthejocker at] responded but I certainly can see how *he* saw it but no one else apparently did.

unposted message:

I am having an issue with using "any" business version of 9 (9.04, 9.05, 9.5-32bit, 9.5-64bit) to generate a standalone output of my application.  I am using Windows 7 Enterprise SP1 and have tried building the identical script (with the same result) on two different installations of said OS on two different machines. 

LC business v 8.1.10 generates the standalone fine. 

LC business version 9.0.5 (with IDENTICAL settings in the "Standalone Application Settings" as used in the v8.1.10 build) seems to crash LC  just at the point of "closing open stacks" at which point all things LC disappear from my desktop.  An appropriate "destination" directory for the standalone is created as per the settings but it is completely empty. 

The actual application runs fine in all LC business versions... it's just that I can't get the LC v9.x to generated the standalone... and ... I can't find ANY error or log explaining what is wrong!! 

Is there such a log or audit which details the steps that LC is taking and possibly what the issue is that it cannot resolve?  I have checked at the Administrators tools event logging provided by Windows 7 ... but there is no corresponding event which is simultaneous with the LC "crash". 

I follow this user-group quite closely and seem to recall others having issues with LC v9's standalone processes but I cannot seem to find such references within the very large amount of chat this site contains.  I have NOT checked the LC QC bugs since I really don't know what I'm looking for other than potential issues with the standalone builder. 

I'd very much appreciate any tips, pointers, explanations as to how to either resolve this issue or where within my LC environment I can find any logs concerning the standalone processing. 

Douglas Ruisaard 
Trilogy Software 
(250) 573-3935 

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